Scorch rubbed her tummy as she walked out of Orak’s portal. She wore an expression of utter contentment and said, “We are so lucky that our friends invited us to eat with them for Eid al-Fitr! What a scrumptious meal we had! From biryanis to sweets like sheer khurma, everything was delicious!”

The Gifted Four had traveled back in time to May 3 to celebrate Eid with the honorary citizens of MysticLand. Over many years, MysticLord had chosen smart and kind young humans from all over the world and given them the title.

“But not everyone could celebrate Eid with so much pomp. The cost of living crisis in the United Kingdom (UK) has really impacted them,” said Verum, “Let me explain:

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar. During this month, Muslims all over the world fast from dawn to sunset every day. It is a month of spiritual self-restraint, extra prayers, charity and generosity, and intense study of the Quran (the holy book of the Muslims).

Eid marks the end of this holy month. British Muslim families buy their produce and groceries in bulk so that they can churn out huge quantities of food to feed their guests. So, they usually spend more money during Ramadan. But this year, the situation is different.

The prices of items such as spices, fresh meat, dates, honey, and more have increased due to a rise in imports. Along with this, the costs of energy bills, food, and essentials have shot up. That’s why it is quite difficult for them to access necessities.

“And this has reduced the amount of money these families spend during Ramadan,” added Orak.

“Exactly,” said Verum, “This crisis hasn’t just impacted refugees. It has also impacted people who were born and bred in Britain who are on state benefits. State benefits refer to the money given to poor, sick or unemployed people by the government.”

“This is serious,” said Felix with a worried expression.