Scorch, Felix, and Orak were looking at Verum’s new dress.
“How is it?” Verum asked.
“Beautiful!” exclaimed Felix.
Scorch said, “Your dress reminds me of recent news I got. A popular fashion clothing store and a famous artist have got into a tussle.”
“Are you talking about,” Verum squeezed her eyes shut, trying to remember the name, “Banbie? Barb… uhh…”
“Banksy!” chuckled Scorch. Banksy is a street artist from England,” Scorch began to share the story, “He paints beautiful pictures on the walls. And the popular clothing store is Guess. 
Recently, Banksy posted an update on one of his social media platforms stating that Guess had used his paintings on its clothes without his permission. He said they stole his artwork.
Guess replied to Banksy’s claim saying it has got permission from a company called Brandalised. 
Now, the company Brandalised works closely with famous brands around the world. Guess said Brandalised has permission to use Banksy’s art and the two are working together.”  “Has Guess stolen the artwork then,” Orak asked raising his eyebrows.
“Well, we don’t know. Everyone wants to know the truth about Banksy’s designs being used by Guess and Brandalised. If Banksy’s claims turn out to be true then Guess will be in trouble,” informed Scorch.
“For artists and those working in the creative world, it is better to be original and creative. Like our Felix – his paintings are all original,” Verum smiled at Felix.