“Scorch,” Orak said as he was flipping the pages of a sports magazine, “it has been an exceptional week in sports, right? The biggest news, I think, is that England won the football championship, followed by the start of the Commonwealth Games.” 
“Absolutely!” replied Scorch, “England women’s football team beat Germany on July 31 at London’s Wembley Stadium and won the European Women’s Championship 2022. Captain Leah Williamson lifted the silver trophy amidst a packed stadium filled with jubilant fans.”
The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) is a governing body for football. The UEFA organizes the European Women’s Championship – also called the UEFA Women’s Euro or Euro Cup – every four years. It is considered a prestigious competition in women’s football.
“Every victory in each sport is special, I believe, Scorch. Does this victory hold special for the winning team?” said Felix. 
“Very special indeed, Felix. The England women’s football team won its first major trophy, creating history. Germany, the opposing team, had been an old rival and an eight-time Euro Cup champion. A tough win, you can say,” nodded Scorch.
“Such victories are always close to heart. Who hit the winning goal?” asked Verum.
“Chloe Kelly,” said Scorch, “she was the one to score the winning goal in extra time for England, securing a 2-1 win. The host country’s win gave rise to many emotions in players, the spectators, and its people!”
“How nice!” said Verum, “Oh! My crystal ball says in 1966, exactly 56 years ago, England’s men’s team beat West Germany to win the World Cup final. After that major win, England has waited for 56 years to record another major win. The Euro Cup 2022 will invoke confidence in the men’s and women’s teams to record more significant wins in the future!” 
“Absolutely! I am now following the recently-started Commonwealth Games. As per the latest update, Australia is leading the medal tally scoreboard. India is ranked seventh. I will tell you all in more detail about it soon,” smiled Scorch. 
“You better!” chuckled Orak.