Today was a slow day at MysticLand. Mysticals had not much homework to do either. The Gifted Four were cleaning their dorm room. Verum was already tired. She went to her trusty crystal ball and said, “Please give me a break from this dust? Is there any news?”

Her crystal ball almost jumped and fetched her three back-to-back stories.

“I think I will take a break too,” said Orak. Scorch and Felix too pulled up chairs and sat next to Verum.

“This news involves two countries: France and India. The French President Emmanuel Macron and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met during the G20 Summit. G20 stands for Group of 20; it is among the powerful groups of the world comprising 20 nations. This year, the G20 Summit was held in Rome, the capital city of Italy,” said Verum.

“What did they discuss in their meeting,” asked Orak.

“President Macron and PM Modi have agreed to boost ties in the Indo-Pacific region. The two nations will open a ‘strategic dialogue’ (discussions about important topics) next week in Paris,” said Verum, adding that France considers India as a ‘main partner’ in the Indo-Pacific area.

She also said the talks will revolve around issues concerning the two nations, issues of the region, and international issues.

“Indo-Pacific region refers to the area from the west coast of the United States to the west coast of India. It has 24 nations along with the Indian Ocean, the western and central Pacific Ocean, and the seas connecting the two,” Orak added the concluding note.