Verum brightened up as Orak entered the Mystical dorm room. She hadn’t seen him for a couple of days now. Ever since Orak had started working with the MysticLord on a special project, he would wake up super early in the morning and sleep quite late.

Verum said, “Oi, Orak! Where have you been all these days? How did the meeting with the MysticLord go?”

“Shh!” said Orak, “We’re working on a secret project. Nobody can know about it. So, keep it quiet please.”

“Ooh! I so want to know more about this project,” said a curious Verum.

“I can’t tell you that,” said Orak. Verum stared back at him beseechingly. Finally, Orak relented and said, “All I can tell you is that it has something to do with the Bruha!”

“Wow, I’m getting more and more curious,” said Verum with shining eyes, “But I understand. You can’t give me more details.”

Orak picked up a book and left the room once again. Verum placed herself comfortably in front of her crystal ball. She closed her eyes and requested news. Within minutes, Verum opened her eyes in shock. She said, “Oh my MysticLord! On 19th November, United States (US) President Joe Biden briefly transferred power to Vice President Kamala Harris. This made her the first woman to hold presidential power in the history of the US!”

“Whoa, that is certainly important news,” said Scorch.

“But why did President Biden transfer the power?” said Felix.

“On that day, he underwent a routine physical examination. He had to undergo a procedure called colonoscopy at the Walter Reed Military Hospital outside. During this procedure, President Biden was put under anesthesia,” said Verum, “This means he was in a sleep-like state. So, his presidential power was transferred to Harris between 10:10 am Eastern Standard Time (EST) to 11:35 am EST.”

“Oh, I see,” said Felix.