Today was a day of reflection in MysticLand. The weather was pleasant with a cool breeze teasing the warm rays of the sun. The Mysticals sat cross-legged in Felix’s garden. Nobody uttered a single word. They were absorbing nature’s presence.

Mysticals get their Elementia magic from the elements of nature. This period of reflection was a way of connecting with the trees, the winds, the clouds, the sun, their MysticBeast friends, the soil, the water, and just about everything else.

“Nature is priceless!” said Felix with a wide smile on his face.

“This reminds me of an experiment being conducted in an old commercial forest called Birchfield near Loch Ness in Scotland,” said Verum, “The scientists are rewilding the forest. This means they are conserving nature by letting natural processes repair disrupted ecosystems. But there’s one more step to the project.”

“What is that?” said a keen Orak.

“Using drones, audio recording, and other advanced technology, the researchers track the various physical changes taking place in the forest. Along with this, the researchers are also trying to calculate the monetary benefits of this restoration,” replied Verum, “This is called Nature Capital Lab.”

“That is interesting. Could you explain this in greater detail?” requested Scorch.

“As Felix said, nature is priceless. Now, look at trees. We get fruits, vegetables, wood, gum, and so on from them,” explained Verum, “But along with this, trees also help in maintaining the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. Their roots hold on to the soil and prevent soil erosion. This, in turn, helps reduce flooding.”

“This experiment is trying to attach a price tag to all these services that a forest ecosystem can give us,” added Verum, “After a year, the experiment found out that climate regulation benefits were approximately valued value at $20,710 per year, air quality regulation was valued at $8,100 and flood regulation at $6,100.”

“But how will this help in conserving and preserving nature?” said Felix.

“Adam Eagle is the chief executive of conservation charity The Lifescape Project that set up the Natural Capital Laboratory (NCL) in 2019. According to him, this can be a powerful tool while negotiating with decision and policymakers,” replied Verum.

“Oh, yes,” said Orak, “If people realize how much nature is worth, they will take the effort to protect it.”