With a crinkle between her two eyebrows, Verum was staring fixedly into her crystal ball. She chewed her lower lip as her eyes narrowed with concentration. Meanwhile, Orak and Scorch stared at her in worry. They turned to look at each other, shrugged, and whispered, “Verum, are you okay?”
In response, Verum nearly jumped out of her skin. She said, “You know how MysticLand is holding a massive celebration for MysticLord’s birthday? Well, I have been asked to ensure the climate is pleasant on that day. So, I’m trying to predict the weather. But I am worried about being wrong, especially after what happened to the weathercasters in Hungary, a country in Europe.”
A weathercaster is a person who collects data and predicts the weather, often on a television program. This job requires a degree in meteorology and excellent public speaking skills.
“What happened to them?” said Orak.
“On August 20, Hungary was supposed to celebrate St Stephen’s Day with Europe’s biggest fireworks display. About 40,000 fireworks were to be launched along River Danube in Budapest, the capital city,” said Verum, “St Stephen’s Day is a national holiday in Hungary. On this day, King Saint Stephen or Stephen I founded the state of Hungary in 1,000 CE.
But seven hours before the fireworks display was to begin, the government postponed it by a week. The National Meteorological Department or the Orszagos Meteorologiai Szolgalat had issued extreme weather warnings. However, the rainstorm changed direction and hit eastern Hungary instead. The weather in Budapest remained calm.
Due to this, the head of the weather department and her deputy were fired by a close official of Prime Minister Viktor Orban.”
“Oh, no!” said Felix.
“But this is the risk that comes with predicting the weather!” said Orak, “It is never definite!”
“You’re right,” replied Verum, “The least like outcome happened. Unfortunately, it was during an important event.”