Verum was staring into her crystal ball with despair as Felix, Orak, and Scorch entered her dorm room. “Verum, you look worried. Is something amiss?” Orak asked.
“Florida, the southeasternmost state in the United States, has been hit by a hurricane. I’m worried about the impact it will have on human lives,” Verum said.
“A hurricane! Oh! My MysticLord!” Orak said with great concern, “Hurricanes are the scariest storms on Earth. Scientists call them tropical cyclones. They are like giant wheels of strong wind that use warm and moist air as fuel to travel across land. That is why they form only over warm ocean waters near the equator.”
“Are humans in Florida in danger, Verum?” Scorch asked, who was now anxious.
“Indeed, Scorch. Hurricanes can bring with them heavy rain, strong winds, storm surges (the rise in water because of strong winds pushing ocean water toward the shore), and even thunder. This hurricane is named Hurricane Ian.
As per the latest reports, at least 2.4 million homes and businesses have already lost electricity since Hurricane Ian struck. Satellite images show it is moving inland as we speak, towards North and South Carolina.
It started in the Caribbean Sea as it is a low-pressure region. Then it gained power and turned into an intense hurricane near the Cayman Islands. It then reached western Cuba on Wednesday and then Southwest Florida. It is now moving towards the Carolinas,” Verum said and pointed at the region on the map that her crystal ball was displaying.
Orak, Felix, and Scorch looked into Verum’s crystal ball wide-eyed as it showed images of destruction in Fort Myers, a popular tourist spot in Florida.
“Homes have been wrecked, trees have been eradicated, boats have been broken,” Felix observed as he sat back, startled.
“I wish I could lend humans my Tempus Machine at times like these. What help are the people getting, Verum,” asked Orak.
“A huge search and rescue effort is continuing in Florida. People are being evacuated and prepared as the National Weather Center updates the citizens on the path of the hurricane,” Verum assured Orak.
“I hope Hurricane Ian subsides soon,” Scorch said.