“I want to see one of the big forts of Delhi today,” said Verum. She had heard someone whispering that the past rulers had built many forts which are still quite intact today.

“Then let’s go see the Red Fort,” suggested Orak and led the three to the fort through a portal.

In the 17th century, this magnificent artwork of Shah Jahan took about 10 years to build! Standing proudly with red sandstone walls, 33 m above the hubbub of Delhi, it is a relic of the grandeur and power of the Mughal emperors.

Felix almost tripped in an attempt to walk back and see the huge fort from afar!

“Fly, you silly child,” said Scorch, reminding him that he can simply fly and take a tour of the fort.

Every Indian Independence Day since 1947, countless admirers gather at the gate to watch the Indian flag being hoisted and listen to the-then prime minister’s speech.