“Mysticals, empty your calendars! We have a jam-packed schedule from October 5 to November 19. Orak, keep your Tempus Machine serviced and ready,” announced a very happy Scorch.
“What’s happening then, Scorch?” said a puzzled Verum.
“The International Cricket Council (ICC) Men’s World Cup this year will begin on October 5 and India is the host! We will be going to watch every single match!” said Scorch.
The others clapped in joy and then Felix said, “What is so special about this sporting event?”
“ICC World Cup occurs once every four years. Ten countries are a part of the competition and divided into two groups; five teams in each. The first eight teams have already qualified for the competition through the Cricket World Cup Super League. The other two teams will be decided at the qualifier game to be played this Sunday in Zimbabwe.
The first match will be held between the 2019 World Cup finalists, England and New Zealand, on October 5 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The matches will be played at 10 different venues,” explained Scorch.
“When will India play its first match?” said Felix.
“Against Australia on October 8,” a short answer from Scorch along with an air punch made it clear to others that they will be accompanying Scorch for all the matches. 
Orak laughed, seeing the excitement of his friend, and added, “The Tempus Machine will be fully ready, Ma’am!”