“And that’s a win – a terrific, terrific win – for India. An outstanding performance by the boys. The Indian cricket team taking home the U-19 World Cup for the fifth time – that’s a record, I must say…”

Orak, Felix, and Verum clapped for Scorch’s talent!

It was last Saturday and Mysticals had no school to attend. They were watching the ICC Under-19 World Cup final match between India and England. India’s wicketkeeper-batter Dinesh Bana hit a six and sealed Team India’s win. At that very moment, Scorch began mimicking the commentators (a person who commentates on a sports match).

“She can surely pursue a career as a commentator in the future!” scoffed Orak.

Laughing, Scorch stepped down and the four Mysticals discussed the win.

“Cricket is a sport played between two teams with 11 players each. The ICC stands for International Cricket Council. It is a body that governs world cricket. The Under-19 is where young cricketers under the age of 19 years showcase their talent and prowess. This win deserves applause for the Indian cricket team, especially because some team members had Covid-19 during this tournament,” paused Scorch as Felix raised his hand.

“I heard that too! Their comeback in the finale is commendable,” Felix cheered as he finished his sentence.

“Yes. The team received praises from all corners. Former Indian cricketer Vangipurapu Venkata Sai Laxman (aka VVS Laxman) hailed the team for its resilience and positive attitude. This win became special in the history of the tournament as India is now the only country to win the Under-19 World Cup five times. It’s a record,” exclaimed Scorch gesturing the number five on her fiery fingers.

Verum and Orak listened to her attentively.

“The players from both the England and Indian team indeed played well,” said Verum, adding, “England was bowled out for 189. England won the toss, but at 61 runs, 6 players were already dismissed. England made India work for its victory,” concluded Verum.