Verum was bored. So far, today, her trusty crystal ball did not have any news for her. She had finished her homework and even gone for a walk. But now, she was running out of ideas to keep herself occupied. Her brain kept on drifting away from the book she was reading.

She turned towards her corner of the Mystical dorm room and stared wistfully at her dormant crystal ball. It was recharging as Seer crystal balls must sometimes.

Verum took a deep breath and turned back towards her book. But then, she saw a slight movement from the corner of her eye. Was it? Could it be?

Once again, she looked at her crystal ball, and yes! It was time for some news! As she focused on understanding the news, an expression of surprise spread across her face.

She announced, “Mysticals, my dear fellow Mysticals! I have news and let me tell you, it’s great!”

“What is it?” said an excited Felix.

“This is the story of how an iPad saved a father-daughter duo’s lives,” said Verum, “It all started at the Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport in Pittston Township, Pennsylvania, United States (US). A 58-year-old pilot took off in his single-engine Cessna 150 plane. On-board the two-seater plane was also his 13-year-old daughter.”

“What happened next?” said Scorch.

“After the takeoff, the plane crash-landed into a heavily wooded area. It also went missing on the radar. Radar is a system that uses radio waves to locate the position of objects such as airplanes that cannot be seen,” said Verum, “Soon, rescue crews set out to find the duo. First, they found out the pilot’s name. Then, they contacted his wife who was waiting for her family at the destination.”

“Did the wife give out important information?” said Orak.

“Yes, she gave them the pilot’s phone number. She also informed them that her daughter had an iPad,” said Verum, “With some iPads, you can ping signals to it and get location coordinates in return. That’s exactly what the rescuers did! When they found the father-daughter, the two were in a pre-hypothermic state. That is, they were just a step away from hypothermia, a condition in which the body’s temperature drops dangerously low. They were immediately transferred to a hospital.”

“Wow, without the iPad, they perhaps wouldn’t have survived,” said Scorch, “Modern technology is pretty useful.”