The clock struck 10 PM and it was bedtime for the four Mysticals. Verum switched off the lights in the dorm room. “Goodnight, Mysticals,” Verum said. “Goodnight, Verum,” Orak, Scorch, and Felix said. 
Right then, Verum’s crystal ball blared like a siren. It had brought news from the human world. There was a war going on between Israel and Palestine!
“What’s that noise? What happened?” Orak sat up, startled. Scorch switched on the lights of the room and saw Verum looking into her crystal ball with a serious face. 
Verum said, “On October 7, Hamas, an armed Palestinian group, launched a surprise attack on Israel. Hundreds of Israelis lost their lives in this attack and many were taken prisoner. 
Israel responded by declaring war against Hamas and Palestine. Hundreds of Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip lost their lives.” 
The Mysticals were shocked, their sleepy faces now alert. 
“But why did Hamas take on Israel? What are they fighting for?” Felix said. 
Verum explained, “Many years ago, the country of Israel didn’t exist. The land where Israel is now used to be called Palestine. For more than 70 years, Israelis and Palestinians have been fighting for this land.” 
“Why is a piece of land so important?” Felix said. 
“The people of Israel are mainly Jewish. They consider Israel to be their holy land and their homeland. But there were people already living on this land. They were called Palestinians. Palestinians are mainly Muslims. Since they lived here first, Palestinians believe the land belongs to them,” Verum said. 
“Oh,” Scorch nodded, “I get it now.” 
“Now, I will explain the history of the region,” Verum said. 
The Mysticals asked her to go on. 
Verum took a deep breath and began, “When this land was under the control of the British Empire, the British encouraged the Jewish people from Europe to come and live here. The Jews were being mistreated during the Holocaust. So, they escaped to this region. They wanted to create their own country here called Israel. 
But the Palestinians weren’t happy with having Jewish settlers on their land. The United Nations (UN) decided to partition the land into two states, one for the Jewish and one for the Palestinians. Palestinians didn’t want to give up parts of the land that belonged to them. 
So, the Jewish people got together to form Israel. They captured more and more territories. The Palestinians were forced to leave their homes. That’s how around 2.3 million Palestinians started living in the small land called Gaza Strip. Ever since there have been many conflicts between Israelis and Palestinians. Israel blocked the Gaza Strip and cut the region off from the outside world.” 
“What is happening between Israel and Palestinians today?” Orak said. 
“Hamas, also known as an extremist group, controls the Gaza Strip. After Hamas’ strike, Israel struck back. It cut power, water, and food supply to the Gaza Strip. It also destroyed hospitals. No outside help can arrive in the region. 
Now, Israel has given 1.1 million Palestinians living in North Gaza 24 hours to flee the region. The country plans to retaliate,” Verum said. 
“Oh no,” Orak said, stunned.