“This news is a welcome step in protecting animal rights. Felix, you’ll be happy to know,” started Scorch, and after taking a quick pause to chew the bread in her mouth, she added, “Just at the onset of the bullfighting season, Mexico City has extended its ban on this sport…”

Hearing Scorch, Felix shrieked in excitement. Scorch had to again pause, she said, “If you want to know about this news, step out quickly, Felix. I don’t want to miss our school bus.”

Felix rushed out of the room and said, “Yes! I am here. Please tell me more about the ban.”

“In the latest court ruling, a judge put an indefinite ban on bullfighting. Meaning, it has no end date as of now,” added Scorch.

Orak walked into the hall and said, “Someone please help me gather this news.”

“Bullfighting is a sport where men fight a raging bull. This sport is widely popular in the West. Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, and Portugal are some countries where it is played.

It is held in an open space where the trained matador (main bullfighter) and the cuadrilla (his assistant) tempt the bull into charging at them. Usually, in a bullfight, there are three matadors. To win this man vs animal sport, the matadors have to annihilate the bull,” added Scorch.

“This is gruesome. It is not right to harm any living thing,” said Verum.

“Precisely. Bullfighting was held in Crete islands almost 3,500 years ago. Some nations did try to ban the sport in the past however, Spain and Portugal had already become famous for bullfighting. It’s about time humans stop this madness,” Felix replied in a harsh tone.

“That’s why Mexican citizens have shown their support for the total ban. Those who organize these events are opposing the ban. It includes La Plaza Mexico as well, which is the world’s largest bullfighting stadium. This decision stands to end 500 years of bullfighting in Mexico,” said Scorch.

Felix grinned as if he had won the case of protecting the bulls. Picking up his bag, Felix walked out of the dorm room with his friends, “I like such news.”