Neeraj Chopra wins silver for India

The weather today in MysticLand was gloomy. There was lightning, thunder, and scattered showers. The Gifted Four were busy in their dorm room. Scorch was reading sports news updates with Verum on her crystal ball.

“A power-packed throw of 88.13 meters, a deafening roar, and the historic win! What a fabulous show of determination and confidence. India’s javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra won the silver medal at the World Championships held in Eugene, Oregon, earlier this week!” said Scorch.

“Chopra has been in the news for the past year, and all for the right reasons,” remarked Orak, who was dusting the bookshelves.

“Chopra, the 24-year-old track and field athlete, is the reigning champion of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics,” said Scorch.

“Who won gold?” said Felix.

“Grenada’s Anderson Peters. He played very well with a huge throw of 90.54 meters,” replied Scorch.

“Why is this silver medal so important for Chopra and India?” said Felix.

“Because it is hard-earned for Chopra as well as India.

Every athlete gets about three to six throws in the javelin throw at World Championships. Chopra had three foul throws. But in the other three, he did well. On his fourth attempt,  Chopra secured the silver medal with the 88.13 meters throw. Chopra deserves accolades for this win, which he delivered under immense pressure.

Now, why is it important for India? Because the World Athletics Championships is held every two years and is the third-largest sporting event in the world. Over 200 nations participate in it. India won its maiden medal in the 2003 World Championships held in Paris. It was a bronze medal won by the long jumper Anju Bobby George. Since then, Chopra’s silver is India’s second medal at the world championships,” said Scorch.

“Very nice! What next for Chopra?” said Orak, who had now moved on to dusting his workstation.

“Complete bed rest for a month,” sighed Scorch, “Chopra suffered an injury during the World Championships and has been advised to rest. He was assigned as the flag-bearer for the opening ceremony of Commonwealth Games starting this week, but the injury has paused his plans, and wins.”