Bzzzzz. Bzzzzzz. Verum’s crystal ball buzzed in the morning. Verum was brushing her teeth. She ran to her crystal ball and read the news.

“The temperatures for January in many countries of Europe have reached an all-time high!” Verum announced.

“But in Europe, January is a winter month. It should be very cold!” Orak said.

“You’re right, Orak. But this time, temperatures have broken national records in the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia, Denmark, and a few other countries. Temperatures have also increased in Spain and Switzerland.

For example, the temperature in Spain was 25 degrees Celsius. It should have been 10 degrees Celsius less!” Verum said.

Scorch said, “North America just experienced winter storms. And now Europe has high temperatures? What is happening in the world?”

“It’s all due to climate change,” Felix said.

Verum nodded, “The global temperatures have increased. European countries such as the United Kingdom (UK), Ireland, France, and Spain declared 2022 to be their hottest year!”

“Woah,” Orak said.