“Felix, help me! Scorch is spewing her fireballs everywhere,” shouted Orak. as he shielded himself with his cape to escape the fireballs. Felix waved his wand and calmed the fireball-shooting warrior.
“Sorry, guys. I am overexcited as legendary tennis player Nole has won the US Open Championship,” said Scorch.
Felix asked, “Nole? Who is this new player?”
“He’s not a new player, Felix. You know him very well. Nole is the Serbian nickname for the word Novak…”
“It’s Novak Djokovic,” Felix guessed the name and clapped to celebrate his favourite player’s victory. He quickly wielded his wand and helped Scorch calm down.
“Phew! Thank you for this help, Felix, and yes, you’re right,” Scorch said feeling dizzy as she came to a gradual halt from the uncontrolled spinning.
Orak rolled his eyes and said, “Djokovic from Serbia, a country in Europe, played against Russia’s Daniil Medvedev in the final at the US Open. The 36-year-old Djokovic showed brilliant athleticism and grit during the final match.
He defeated Medvedev and won the 24th Grand Slam trophy – the most by any male in history and this has made Scorch so happy.”
“What is the US Open? Why is there a huge hype for this event?” finally Orak was curious, too.
“The United States (US) Open is one of the four prestigious tennis tournaments held in Queens, New York. If you win all four tournaments in the same season- the other three being the Australian Open, Wimbledon, and Roland Garros – then you win the Grand Slam trophy.
It is the fourth US Open win for Djokovic. He has claimed the World No. 1 spot for over 390 weeks. One interesting thing that Djokovic did was he wore a Mamba Forever T-shirt with a picture of the late Kobe Bryant. The American basketball player’s jersey number was 24, just as Djokovic’s Grand Slam title. He paid a touching tribute to his friend with this sweet gesture,” answered Scorch.
“What a legend! Hey Scorch, why don’t we go back in time and watch the final game live in the US?” said Felix.
“Yes! Yes!” exclaimed Scorch and again spiralled out of control with her fireball flying all over.