“Guess what? Russia has opened new restaurants to replace McDonald’s,” Scorch shared with her friends, “McDonald’s is an American fast-food restaurant. Fast food is food that can be served very quickly at restaurants.”

“Replace? What do you mean?” Orak said.

“In February 2022, Russia invaded its neighboring country Ukraine and started a war. In protest of the invasion, many companies such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Levi’s, and Apple have either left Russia or stopped the sales there,” Scorch said.

“While leaving,” Scorch added, “McDonald’s sold its 850 restaurants to the Russian businessman Alexander Govor. Now Govor has opened new restaurants in its place.”

“What type of food will the new restaurants serve?” Verum said.

“Same as McDonald’s. It is called ‘Vkusno i Tochka’ which means ‘Tasty and that’s it’. The new company kept the McDonald’s equipment and also the burgers’ compositions. They hope customers will not notice a difference between McDonald’s and their burgers. To attract the customers, they have also come up with a slogan:  ‘The name changes, love stays’,” Scorch said.

“The McDonald’s yellow logo that resembles M is replaced. The new logo (an image that represents a company) has symbols that show two fries and a hamburger against a green background,” Scorch added.

Verum said, “The first McDonald’s opened in Russia in 1990, that is 32 years ago. It was a huge success! People were very excited to see Russia accepting Western food! It opened many possibilities for the country.”