“It’s a week of discoveries,” said Verum with a happy sigh as she gazed into her trusty crystal ball, “So many discoveries in various parts of the world. Oh, I am so excited to find out more about them.”
Scorch, Orak, and Felix gathered around their gleeful friend and said, “We’re here to hear about the news!”
“Let’s start with the marvelous discovery from India,” said Verum, looking up from her crystal ball with a broad smile, adding, “Maharashtra is a state in western India. It has a coastal region called Konkan. Konkan is a thin strip of land bordered by the Arabian Sea on one side and the Western Ghats mountain range on the other side.
Indian archaeologists discovered something fascinating in a cave located about 10 kilometers away from a village called Koloshi in the Sidhudurg district in Konkan. They found stone tools dating back tens of thousands of years in the cave earlier this year.
A research team was studying the petroglyphs or rock carvings of animals, birds, human figures, and geometrical designs in the area. That’s when they found this cave. Further excavations were carried out in two rounds. The researchers found several small and big stone tools.
These tools date back to the Mesolithic Period or the middle stone age. The smaller tools called microliths could be around 10,000 years old while the bigger tools could be about 20,000 years old. But it will take a few months to identify the exact period of these tools. As of now, the tools are said to be about 10,000 to 48,000 years old!”
“Whoa,” said Felix.
“But what were these tools used for?” said Scorch.
“Oh, we don’t know that yet. Archaeologist Dr. Parth Chauhan said that the residue on the edge of these tools will be studied using chemical reactions. This will tell us the functions of the tools,” said Verum.
“I want to visit the cave,” whispered Orak.