“What’s the update on Winter Olympics, Scorch?” Felix said as the four were seated in his garden, catering to tiny blooms. Winter Olympics 2022 are being held in Beijing, China. It is an international winter multi-sport event.

“Heavy snowfall!” enacted Scorch, as she picked up cotton pieces from Verum’s craft items and showered them on Felix.

“Oh! Was the game disrupted?” said Orak. Felix was annoyed and was removing the cotton bits from his ears.

“Yes, heavy snowfall caused major disruption to the schedule last weekend. The temperatures are expected to drop further, below -22C at the Beijing Games.

Fat flakes fell at all three locations hosting the Beijing Games. Some events had to be delayed or postponed because of the snowfall,” explained Scorch.

“Normally, the city receives less than half an inch of snow in the month. This is why the Games that were to take place in central Beijing relied almost cent percent on artificial snow. But the heavy snowfall surprised everyone as the area was covered by a thick blanket on Sunday,” added Verum.

“Do you know many opined that the unnatural snow posed tough environmental questions,” said Scorch.

“That’s true. The experts claimed that the artificial snow was created using over 222 million liters of water,” added Verum.

“From what I know, the snowfall did not have an impact on the Games events schedule in the city, such as curling, ice hockey, and speed skating, which took place indoors in the Beijing zone,” concluded Scorch.