Verum woke up with a start. Goosebumps peppered her body. In her dream, Verum had to finish a mountain of homework in a short time. But when she opened her books, she couldn’t understand a word of what was written! It was written in a language she didn’t understand. Being a Seer, Verum did know most languages.

She took a deep breath to calm herself down. Then, she did something that always made her feel good. Verum sat in front of her trusty crystal ball. She crossed her fingers and fervently wished for some upbeat news. But today was not the day.

Her crystal ball spun round and round, only to find a story from Afghanistan. Verum took another deep breath and focused on world-gazing.

“Uh-oh,” thought Verum to herself, “Things don’t look great for the war-torn country. After the United States (US) decided to take its troops out of the country, that too, after nearly 20 years of fighting, the extremist group it was fighting has started to resurface.”

“What next? Taliban, the extremist group that had ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, has remained quite powerful. As soon as the US troops began leaving, the Taliban began invading territory all over Afghanistan,” continued Verum’s trail of thought, “Now, this can get quite dangerous for the country.”

“Why, you ask. Well, when the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, they established an extremely conservative system of law. Under this system, women faced a lot of restrictions,” explained Verum to herself, “They weren’t allowed to work or play sports or even attend school. And while leaving home, a male relative had to accompany them at all times.”

“No wonder women were worried about the Taliban coming into power again,” thought Verum, “In the northern and northeastern regions controlled by the extremist group, this conservative law system is getting restored.”

“It’s a scary situation indeed,” thought Verum with a grim expression.