If something can defy the laws of physics on Earth, it’s Malaysia’s unofficial national drink teh tarik, or pulled tea. As you sit in anticipation of your warm beverage arriving, your server comes with two tin glasses to do the magic.

Standing close to you, he will pour the piping hot brew from one tin to the other again and again till it’s aerated enough to form its signature bubbles or froth. Watching that silky, rich, deep-amber tea flowing from one tin glass into another is nothing short of watching a mind-boggling magic show.

How does the tea fall into the other glass without splashing everywhere? Does the server not worry that the piping hot liquid could fall on his hands? Does he not worry it’ll fall on you?!

And guess what, the quality of teh tarik is determined by its theatrical effect. The farther he can pull the tea – increase the distance between the two tins while pouring the tea – the better it’s going to taste. The idea is, when the tea is perfectly pulled, it forms air bubbles and enhances the flavor. What a cool concept!

If you wander around Malaysia, you’ll find locals huddled around plastic tables and chairs, devouring cups of teh tarik while catching up on current news or each other’s lives. It’s an occasion for people from different cultures, age groups, and all walks of life to come together to celebrate a cup of joy.

Everyone has their own secret recipe for this tea, but the typical ingredients are black tea, lots of sugar, and think condensed milk. We’re already refreshed just by thinking about it!

When you visit Malaysia, you’ll give this caramel-colored, sweet, hot, delicious beverage a try, won’t you?