“Talk about a dream coming true, and I shall give you the example of Carlos Alcaraz. The 19-year-old Spanish tennis player has won the Madrid Open finals defeating champion Alexander Zverev. Alcaraz said the win is special to him because it’s the tournament he had come and watched when he was seven or eight,” Scorch said.

The tournament was held at La Caja Magica in Madrid, Spain and the men’s final match was held on Sunday, 8th May. 

“Isn’t he the same teen who had beaten Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic in his previous two matches?” Orak scratched his head with his index finger and looked at Scorch waiting for a yes. 

“Yes!” said Scorch. Orak grinned and gave a ‘see-I-knew-it’ look to Verum and Felix. 

“It is Alcaraz’s fourth title of the year. He said this tournament is special for him because it’s a tournament he came and watched when he was seven or eight years old,” added Scorch.

“Alcaraz is so young. When was his first match?” said Felix.

“He played his first match at the Madrid Open just a year ago. All he wished for at the time of his debut was to gain experience and play with the best players. But a year later, Alcaraz won that very title. 

Along with this, his previous three titles include Miami, Rio de Janeiro, and Barcelona,” replied Scorch. 

“What are his future plans?” said Verum.

“To be the number 1 of course! It’s what every player desires – to be the best in their fields. Alcaraz wishes the same. He is now ranked sixth. He was quoted saying, “I still have five players in front of me to be the best one,” said Scorch. 

“And that’s what we call sportsmanship!” said Orak, giving a standing ovation to Alcaraz.