One fine morning, Scorch was sitting by the dorm room’s window. She was reading the news on her smartphone.

“The dumbphones are returning!” She exclaimed loudly.

“What are dumbphones?” Felix said.

“Dumbphones are basic phones. They have limited features. They cannot connect to the internet or various mobile apps. They can make and receive calls and SMS text messages. Some basic phones also have a radio and can take pictures.

Such phones were used by everyone before the arrival of smartphones. In the 1990s, dumbphones were very popular!” Scorch said.

“But now people have moved on to smartphones. Why are some of them going back to the dumbphones?” Orak said.

“There are many reasons for it. One, there’s nostalgia around dumbphones. Many people started their phone journey with a dumb phone. It was their first mobile phone. So, they miss it.

Dumbphones are also cheaper than smartphones. French firm MobiWire sells them for just £8. Dumbphones don’t have internet. So, even the monthly data bill is reduced. There’s no need to buy any apps either. Their batteries also last longer.

Many people consider smartphones a distraction. They can be overwhelming too. There are constant posts and notifications on smartphones. Dumbphones do not have these features,” Scorch explained.

“Hm, dumbphones are pretty simple and easy to use,” Orak said.

“Yes, and that is why their sales are on a rise,” Scorch said, “Purchases of dumbphones were due to hit one billion units last year. Deloitte, a company, conducted a 2021 survey about mobile phones. It concluded that one in 10 mobile phone users in the United Kingdom (UK) had a dumbphone!”

“Interesting,” Felix said.