“We are going to a castle made of cotton!” said Orak.

“What? How does it stand? Is it a miniature? Can we enter it?” said the three Mysticals at the same time.

“All good questions. Yes, we can enter it. But it isn’t really a castle. We are going to Pamukkale which translates to the cotton castle in Turkish. Long ago hot springs emerged from this place and deposited calcium on the mountains.

The hot springs along with calcium left tiny little white pools all over the place. There are 17 hot water springs and the water in these pools is medicinal. They have healing powers,” exclaimed Orak.

“Can we swim in the pools?” Scorch said enthusiastically.

“They aren’t very deep. Maybe Felix can swim, but we can sit in them and soak in some human magic powers,” said Orak.

By then, the four had reached the white mountain filled with little pools of blue water.