Verum’s face wore a tense expression. Her crystal ball had a story from Del Rio, a border town in Texas, United States (US). It was a difficult and sad situation for so many people.

“Mysticals, today I have news from Del Rio in the US,” started Verum, “Last week, about 13,000 people gathered under a bridge connecting Del Rio to Mexico’s Ciudad Acuña on the US-Mexico border. These people wanted to migrate to the US. But now the US has begun flying them back home.”

“But where is their home?” said Orak.

“Most of them are from Haiti, a country in the Caribbean, and some are from countries like Peru, Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua,” replied Verum, “Many Haitians left their island country after a massive earthquake in 2010. They were living in Brazil and other South American countries but they were unable to get jobs. They weren’t legally allowed to stay there. So, these migrants began traveling north and ended up in the US.”

“Oh, I also remember! Haiti has been going through multiple crises recently,” said Felix, “Verum, you told us about them. In July, the country’s President Jovenel Moïse was eliminated for political reasons. And a month later, another massive earthquake shook the country, causing a lot of damage.”

“Yes, this has made things worse for the impoverished country,” said Verum, “As for the US, President Joe Biden had planned on taking a more humane approach towards immigrants than former President Donald Trump. But this has led to more and more people trying to migrate to the US. Border authorities are overwhelmed with the number of immigrants coming from neighbor Mexico.”

“Wow, okay,” said Orak.

“Along with this, there are refugees from Afghanistan,” said Verum, “In July and August, the US government processed and expelled about 20,000 immigrants. It’s the highest number in 10 years.”

She added, “When the flights carrying the migrants landed in Port-au-Prince in Haiti, the migrants were quite angry. Some of them tried to climb back into the flight. They’re already planning to leave Haiti again.”

“It must be so difficult to leave your home, again and again, to look for a better future,” said an emotional Scorch.

“You’re right,” said Verum, “That’s why the US is being criticized for its decision.”