Verum was feeling a little bored today. She asked Scorch for help. Her friend immediately began thinking of ways to make Verum’s boredom go away.

“How about world-gazing?” said Scorch, “Will that help?”

“You know what, it definitely will help,” exclaimed Verum, drifting towards her crystal ball, “Nothing beats gaining more knowledge about our world! So, today’s news is about Afghanistan and the United States (US).”

“Why are you speaking in riddles?” said Orak, joining the conversation.

“The US and the Taliban held the first in-person meeting since the US troop left Afghanistan. It was held on 10th October in Doha, Qatar,” said Verum.

 The Taliban, an extremist group ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001. During this time, it protected Al Qaeda’s leaders. Al Qaeda is another extremist group. This group attacked the US in 2001. When the US found out that the leaders were hiding in Afghanistan, it invaded it and overthrew the Taliban from power.

It mostly kept the Taliban at bay for nearly 20 years. But in 2021, US President Joe Biden started the process of withdrawing US troops from the war-torn country. And now, 20 years later, the Taliban has taken over Afghanistan once again.

“What did the Taliban and the US discuss during this talk?” said Scorch.

“The State Department spokesman Ned Price, along with the US delegation, discussed the safe passage for US citizens and other foreign nationals stuck in Afghanistan as well as for Afghan citizens,” said Verum, “Of course, human rights came up during the talk. The US focused on the rights of women and girls under the Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan. It argued that women should be allowed to participate in every aspect of Afghan society.”

“The representatives of the Biden administration also asked the Taliban to uphold their security and anti-terrorism commitment. The country shouldn’t become a hotbed for groups with extreme views like Al Qaeda or the Islamic State,” added Verum.

“What about aid?” said Orak, “A humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Afghanistan.”

“The two sides discussed that the US will provide aid directly to Afghan people,” answered Verum, “It will also help other organizations to supply aid and assistance to Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the Taliban will cooperate with this.”

“Though no conclusive agreement was reached, the fact that the talks were held is definitely a sign of progress!” concluded Verum.