Have you ever heard a street/lane name and go ‘Ha Ha Ha’ in your mind? Or said ‘Awww’? Well, today’s Chamber of Cultures is dedicated to weird, funny, cute, and creative street/lane names around the world. It’s a long list, but we’ve picked out our favorite ones for you.

  1. Ha-Ha Road: This road is in London, England. It’s named after a ‘ha ha’ which separates Woolwich Common park in the vicinity of Barracks Field. A ha ha is a sort of raised piece of land or short wall separating two regions. Some say Ha-Ha Road may have also been derived from when someone falls into the ha-ha and the onlookers burst into laughter!

  2. This Street and The Other Street: These two streets are in Nova Scotia, Canada. Did the authorities give up when they were naming them?

  3. Smellies Lane: This lane is in Dundee, United Kingdom (UK). Contrary to its name, it doesn’t smell funny!

  4. A Dog Will Lick His Butt But Won’t Eat A Pickle Road: We’re as surprised as you that this is actually the name of a road in Colorado, United States (US)!

  5. Candy Castle Lane: This lane is located in the Santa Claus town of Indiana, US. The town has many Christmas-themed lane names like Snowball Lane, Snowflake Lane, and Arctic Circle.

  6. Farfrompoopen Lane: Guess where this lane leads to? Constipation Ridge! We think this name was thought of on the toilet seat. Farfrompoopen Lane is located in Tennessee, US.

  7. Batman Avenue: This street in Australia is named after the person who founded Melbourne city. So many places in Australia are named after him – Batman Bridge, Batman Park, Batman’s Hill, John Batman Garden, and so on.

  8. Frying Pan Alley: Of course, this cute-name alley is in London, UK! The story goes like this. In ancient times, shops hung samples of what they sold outside their shops for customers to know what they were selling. One shop hung a frying pan from its signboard and a person got hit with it! The name stuck.

Does your country have quirky street names?