Red, pink, and orange light blossomed at the edge of the sky. The day soon dawned upon MysticLand. As the clock struck seven, Verum’s crystal ball woke her up with a humming. She rubbed her eyes and said, “What is the news, crystal ball?”

But her crystal ball didn’t have any news. Not yet anyway. It had observed a strange sight in the dorm room. Orak was staring at a wall in the gradually growing light of the day. His eyes were wide open with shock.

Verum walked towards him and shook him. She said, “MysticLand to Orak! MysticaLand to Orak!”

Orak blinked and suddenly noticed his friend next to him. He said, “Oh, it’s you, Verum!”

“What happened?” said Verum.

“I just found out about the research of a group of scientists from Mansoura University in Egypt. Egypt is a country in Africa that is known for its pyramids,” said Orak, “The research was published in a scientific journal in August 2021.

In 2018, a whale fossil was found in Egypt’s Western Desert. Did you know that a deep sea once covered this desert? Fossils are remains of ancient animals or plants preserved in rock. They help us understand clues of the past. The scientists did in-depth research of the fossil and discovered mind-boggling facts.

Their research now says that the fossil found in 2018 belongs to a whale species that existed 43 million years ago. Now, you know whales are enormous animals that live in the sea. That’s why they resemble fishes. But this ancient species of whale had four legs!”

“What?” said Verum, “A species of whale with legs? That is so difficult to believe!”

“But did these ancient whales live on land or in water?” added Verum.

“Both! They were semi-aquatic. This means they could live on land and in the sea,” said Orak.

“That is so fascinating!” said Verum, “Let’s find out more information on these whales!”