“Guys! Guys!” called out Verum, “There’s an update from Wuhan. The 14-member team of scientists sent by the World Health Organization (WHO) to Wuhan, China, shared the findings of their investigation in a conference  And they will surprise you!”

Orak, Scorch, and Felix rushed closed to Verum.   After getting their attention, Verum said, “It so turns out that the WHO team actually praised Chinese officials!”

“That sure is news! What did they say?” asked a curious Orak.

“They said the Chinese officials were open to investigating certain theories that were put forward by the Chinese government. Even when the rest of the world considers these theories a bit dubious,” Verum replied.

Orak nodded and said, “That’s definitely unexpected. China allowed WHO to investigate the origins of Covid-19 after months of negotiations. There were so many different theories on its origin – bio-weapons (the use of bacteria, virus, insects, etc as a weapon), leaked laboratory experiments and even through eating bats.”

Scorch added, “But everyone agreed on one thing. There was something fishy about the original outbreak in China.”

Felix replied, “But what is the theory put forward by the Chinese government?”

Verum answered, “They said the virus was present outside China for some time before its outbreak in Wuhan. According to them, the virus entered China through shipments of frozen food. The WHO team has agreed to investigate this possibility too.”

Orak said, “But isn’t it important to study how the outbreak got amplified in China? Shifting the focus of the investigation onto other countries might be misleading.”

Verum said, “You’re not wrong. But this 12-day trip of the WHO team’s investigation is just the beginning. They started visiting laboratories, disease control centers, and live-animal markets. This investigation will be thorough. It could take months or even years. Getting conclusive evidence on how, where, and why did the coronavirus outbreak happen will be a time-consuming process.”

Scorch said, “That’s for sure.”

Felix sighed and said, “I’m just glad that it has begun after all the hurdles placed by China.”

“Verum, keep us updated, won’t you?” said Orak.