Orak was sad after watching on TV how people rely on medication to live.

Scorch patted him on the back and said, “I have something to cheer you up. Did you know a United States university has come up with an idea to put robots inside the human body to give medication and cure diseases?”

Orak was surprised. He didn’t know about these robots, “What! No! Please tell me more about this idea, Scorch.”

Scorch explained, “Johns Hopkins University from the United States has invented a soft robot that can move inside a human body and give medication.

Felix joined the conversation and asked, “What is a soft robot, Scorch?”

“A soft robot is a robot made with softer and flexible materials. It helps them move easily on hard surfaces,” explained Scorch.

“That’s cool! How are they able to move inside the body?” asked Felix.

Scorch answered, “These robots look like a capsule filled with a gel. The capsules expand and contract with changes in the body temperature. The expansion and contraction make these gelbots move like an earthworm inside the human body.”

Felix questioned, “Where do these robots get their power?”

Scorch replied, “They don’t need batteries, wires, or any power supply to work. The expansion and contraction of the gel make it possible for them to move easily.”

“Humans are advancing at the speed of light!” said Felix.

“Yes, they are!” said Scorch, “These gelbots can be of great help to humans and help them with their medication”.

Orak’s face lit up, and he smiled.