Orak was excited. His new goggles had just arrived. He unwrapped the parcel in a frenzy as Verum, Felix and Scorch smiled eagerly. “What did our tech bird order this time,” Verum nudged.

“They are not just any goggles, they are X-ray vision goggles,” Orak said, quickly adding, “And now humans can see the inside of an atom using X-rays!”

“Wait, wait, wait! What? What, again?” Scorch was lost.

“Radiation is energy that travels from one place to another. Some common examples of radiation are light and sound. X-rays are also another form of radiation! An X-ray can see the inside of the objects such as certain metals, paper, wood, and even the human body.

However, X-rays could never see through atoms (the smallest particles of an element), until now. A group of scientists at the Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois, United States, made a breakthrough when they discovered a new technique that could see inside an atom.

Before this, humans needed at least an attogram (around 10,000 atoms) to get a signal on the X-ray machine. But this new technique, known as SX-STM (synchrotron X-ray scanning tunnelling microscopy), achieved the feat of X-raying an atom for the first time,” Orak shared in complete detail.

“That’s amazing! This will help humans learn so much about the building blocks of life,” Felix happily commented.

“That’s true! This will pave the way for finding cures for major diseases, maybe even help create superfast computers,” Orak agreed.

“There he goes, thinking about what new tech can come in the future,” Verum teased.