Last Saturday, YouTube star Jake Paul knocked out MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) champion Ben Askren within less than two minutes! This was Triller Fight Club’s most-hyped pay-per-view event, taking place at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. Everyone was shocked to see Askren fall to the ground so soon. Did you know that Askren has fought 19 professional boxing matches and has lost just about 2 of them?

“Wait, wait, wait. What is Triller Fight Club?” said Felix.

“Today, triller is an app that broadcasts boxing matches between celebrities and professional fighters. Its pay-per-view feature allows you to buy a digital ‘ticket’ on the app only for the fight you want to see. Good concept, right? Since this isn’t a proper tournament, there are no rules as to who can fight. Even retired boxers come into the ring of Triller!” Scorch explained.

After winning the match, Jake Paul said that he had already declared he’s a fighter and that he will knock out his opponent in the first round itself. So far in his boxing career, he has fought three matches and remains unbeaten.

“Paul has been training for four months at a training camp and said that they were the best moments of his life. He’s a fighter to watch out for,” Scorch added.