Orak was cleaning up his Tempus Machine in his lab. Verum, Felix and Scorch came looking for him. “MysticBeast Luna asked us to see you right away,” Verum said.
“We are going to see a spectacular star-forming region. James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) captured an image of this region and NASA…” 
“JWST! I remember!” Verum interrupted Orak, “It is the most powerful and super cool space telescope launched exactly a year ago in July. Umm…, I think it was July 12?”  
“I remember, too! It is the largest space telescope ever built and launched by humans,” Scorch added.
“Bingo! You two are getting smarter in my company,” Orak chuckled briefly and quickly added, “Back to the news! So, JWST has been giving astronomers data for over a year now. On July 12, as it marked its first year, the United States space agency National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) celebrated its launch day by releasing an amazing picture that JWST captured. 
The picture is of the Rho Ophiuchi cloud complex. It is the nearest star-forming region in space to Earth, only 400 light-years away. Light years is a unit to measure distance in space. We are going to see it,” Orak said, patting his Tempus Machine with pride.
“Woah!! I can’t wait to see the beauty of that region. What did JWST capture?” Felix couldn’t resist knowing.
“Rho Ophiuchi is a dense region of gas and dust and captured this gas and dust along with the stars within. There are all sorts of cosmic objects like nebulae and protostars. 
Studying regions like this, Webb will help us understand how planets and stars form in so much depth,” Orak jumped and started his Tempus Machine.
“I am so excited to see Webb’s findings with my own eyes. Your Tempus rocks, Orak,” Felix fluttered.