“Felix,” said Scorch softly, “I have news. It’s shocking news,” and took a seat next to Felix in the MysticLibrary.
Felix slowly turned towards Scorch and glared.
“Australia’s Victoria state had announced it will host the 2026 Commonwealth Games (CWG), but on Tuesday, it said it will not be the host for the Games,” said Scorch.
Scorch was right. It was shocking. CWG is an international multi-sport event after all. It takes place every four years. “We were so looking forward to the event. We even put reminders in Verum’s crystal ball.”
“Daniel Andrews, the premier (head of the government) of Victoria state, said that they are withdrawing from hosting the CWG over cost problems.
The cost for the CWG is estimated at 2.6 billion Australian dollars. But the actual cost exceeded the set amount. It is well over 6 billion Australian dollars.
A similar incident happened in 2017 when Durban, an African city, was supposed to host the 2022 CWG but faced a money shortage. It was stripped of its right to host the game. 
Later, Birmingham and the British Government pitched in and saved the day for CWG.
Andrews said the event was too expensive with no benefits to the state,” explained Scorch.
“CWG was initially called the Empire Games in 1930,” Felix reminded Scorch.
“Yes! After Victoria’s withdrawal, its neighbouring state, New South Wales, declined to host the Games as well, citing the same reasons. Experts say the CWG does not attract people as it used to earlier. A few critics are even raising doubts on whether the Games should be held at all,” Scorch added.
“It is truly sad to see countries struggling with money to host such events. I hope there is a way out for CWG,” replied a perplexed Felix. Scorch nodded in approval.