Orak, Felix, Scorch, and Verum were on a night stroll in MysticForest. The magical silence of the night was interrupted by the rustling of the leaves and the crickets singing away in glory, Felix thought of sharing the story of Jeeth Milan Roche.
“Friends,” Felix said, “I have an inspiring story to tell about a man named Jeeth Milan Roche who has turned dumping grounds into green lands. He hails from Mangaluru, a city in Karnataka, the southwestern state of India.
Roche was a working information technology (IT) professional. But soon, he found that he enjoyed planting saplings and growing trees more than working at an office. So, he quit his job and began to plant saplings around the city.
He even saved trees from being felled. One of his most important contributions to the environment is Pachanady.
Pachanady was known as a foul-smelling dumping ground but Roche turned it into a green oasis! Pachanady had so much trash that it was poisoning the environment, but Roche turned it into a forest.”
Roche planted 3,074 saplings of medicinal and fruit-bearing trees in Pachanady with the help of his friends and family. The different tree saplings include teak wood, rosewood, banyan, fig, and peepal.
Seeing our lush green, magical forest I thought of sharing his story as it inspired me to keep my garden cleaner and greener.”
The other three Mysticals felt grateful and happy that humans like Roche care for the environment. The Gifted Four continued their stroll in happy silence, admiring every tree in the MysticForest.