“Scorch, why don’t you tell Felix about Threads? I’m sure he will be blown away with the record it set just in a week after it was launched,” said Orak.
Upon hearing Orak, Felix inquired, “Threads? Is it a story about a famous weaving company or a new store that was launched recently? I know some tricks to weave perfect clothes.”
“No, silly pixie,” chuckled Scorch, “Threads is the name of a new social media application (also, app) founded by Meta (previously, Facebook) founder Mark Zuckerberg.”
“I know him! Another social media app? What’s new in it?” said Felix.
“Zuckerberg introduced the Threads app two weeks ago. The primary motive for developing this app was to challenge Elon Musk’s Twitter application. Within seven hours of the launch, 10 million people used the Threads app,” Scorch explained.
Felix gasped in disbelief, “That is impossible!”
“Oh, yes, it is,” replied Scorch, “By the next day, the user count reached 30 million. In five days, the Threads app had 100 million users! This put Threads in the first place with the highest number of users followed by ChatGPT.”
Verum, who had entered the dorm room a few seconds ago, but heard the entire conversation, said, “What does this app do, Scorch? I’m curious.”
“Threads is much similar to a Twitter account. You need to have an Instagram account to use Threads. You can post messages of 500 letters and 5-minute videos. Though it does not have a hashtag like Twitter, Threads stormed the world with its Instagram account option.
Threads, however, is currently unavailable in the continent of Europe as it is under scrutiny if it meets the policy of the EU’s (European Union, a group of 27 European countries) data privacy,” Scorch replied.
“Threads reached 100 million users without including European people,” Felix’s jaw dropped, “That is unbelievable! I can’t wait to try out this app, Scorch,” exclaimed Felix.