One after another, the four Mysticals woke up to a new morning. Felix checked under his pillow and then jumped with joy, “Mysty, the tooth fairy, took my broken tooth! Now I’ll get my wish fulfilled and get a new tooth.”
Orak giggled but was reminded of a remarkable discovery, “Did you know that in the human world, children sometimes don’t grow around six or more teeth or their teeth formation is not proper? This happens due to a condition. But now, thanks to the discovery of medicine, they may be able to regrow teeth,” he shared.
Felix’s eyes widened with wonder, “Is it really possible? I know that, unlike other species, humans cannot regrow teeth after their adult teeth fall off.”
“Well, that is what a brilliant scientist named Katsu Takahashi has to say.  He studied advanced dentistry (a branch of medicine related to teeth, gums and mouth) and conducted extensive research at Kyoto University in Japan and other institutes in the United States,” Orak informed.
“How does this medicine work?” Verum was curious.
“Takahashi used mice and ferrets born with improper tooth formation for his experiment. He found a special protein that affects tooth growth and when he used the medicine to block the protein’s function, teeth were able to grow normally in both mice and ferrets. The protein is called USAG-1.”
Verum clapped her hands in excitement, “So, this medicine could be the key to helping children with dental conditions?”
Orak nodded, “Indeed, Verum! This groundbreaking research brings hope to children with conditions where proper tooth development is blocked. Takahashi published his research in 2021 and the medicine is being tested for its efficiency. If it works, then this will be a revolution in the world of dentistry.”
The other Mysticals marvelled at the news.