Verum woke up with a smile on her face. She was feeling very happy. “Yay, the new year has begun!” she rejoiced.

“Happy New Year, Orak. Happy New Year, Scorch. Happy New Year, Felix!” Verum wished her friends.

Before her friends could wish her back, Verum’s crystal ball buzzed. She ran to it. “Uh oh, there was an uninvited guest during Christmas. And it spoiled Christmas for everyone there!” Verum announced.

“Who ruined Christmas? Was it the grinch?” Scorch scrunched her nose.

Verum shook her head. She said, “It was a winter storm. Snowstorms hit many parts of the United States (US) right before Christmas! The US is a country in North America.”

“Snowstorms are storms where large amounts of snowfall,” Orak explained.

“Are people in the US safe?” Felix was worried.

“It was a dangerous situation. The temperature was very low and there were heaps of snow everywhere! Cars were buried under the snow. Houses were frozen.

Many people lost their lives too in the storm. Millions of people had no power. Roads were closed. Flights were canceled too!” Verum said in a sad voice.

“That is bad,” Orak said.

Verum nodded, “People are calling it the worst winter storm ever!”