“It’s time for a splash down,” Orak said as he rushed the others to strap on pairs of waterproof glasses, “Salty water will make our eyes itch.”

Orak had taken Verum, Scorch, and Felix back in time in his Tempus Machine. Orak’s machine beeped in a robotic voice, ‘December 11, 2022. Landed near the Pacific Ocean’.

The Gifted Four were waiting at a quiet spot in the Pacific Ocean, where the Orion capsule was expected to splash down on its return to Earth.

“Where exactly is this capsule returning from,” Scorch asked.

“The moon,” Orak said, smiling, “As you know, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is a space agency of the United States. It carries out different space research. NASA built the Orion spacecraft to take humans farther than they’ve ever gone before in space. Orion successfully completed its first mission and is headed back to Earth.”

“When did it leave Earth and how far has it gone since,” Felix was buzzing with questions.

“The capsule took off in mid-November and has traveled more than a million miles during its journey. We are about to witness the end of this journey as it will splash down in the ocean a few moments from now,” Orak elaborated as he pointed toward the sky.

“That’s just awesome!” Verum could barely contain her excitement.

“We are witnessing history in the making,” Scorch added.

“We really are! During its mission, Orion captured remarkable images of both the Earth and the Moon. It traveled farther than any spacecraft in history. Because this was a test, there were no people aboard this time, but that will change in the future,” Orak said.

“Wow! That means that with future flights, humans can go to the Moon and into the cosmos to explore more. I am in awe of how much humans have accomplished without magic too,” Felix said.

The Gifted Four witnessed the return of the Orion capsule soon after.