Felix heard Scorch mumbling, “These Afghan sisters are a symbol of courage and an inspiration for many girls worldwide!”

Upon hearing her, Felix sat beside Scorch, and asked, “Who are the Afghan girls? What have they done?”

Scorch replied, “The sister duo, Yulduz and Fariba Hashimi, are cyclists from Afghanistan. They are now living in Itay and are chasing their sporting dreams! The sister duo had to flee from Afghanistan when the Taliban took over the country in 2021. The Taliban is a group with extreme views on society and is currently governing Afghanistan.

The Afghan sisters secretly pursued their love for cycling by joining many competitions in Afghanistan. They became famous for their success.

But it all changed when the Taliban took over the country. Under its governance, there are strict rules for women and they are now allowed to do several things, one of them is participating in sports.”

“Oh! How did the sisters reach Italy?” asked a curious Felix.

“They contacted Alessandra Cappellotto, an Italian biker, and sought his help. Through Cappellotto, the Afghan sisters left their home country and went to Italy. They are now training hard and winning many medals in Italy,” Scorch informed.

“That’s wonderful! I send them magical wishes and hope they are successful in their game!” said Felix.