The Mysticals were in Turkiye’s Cappadocia region today.

“Are we still on Earth?” wondered Felix, looking around.

“Yes, we most certainly are, that too, in one of the most magical places on Earth,” replied Orak.

So, what’s so magical about Cappadocia? Its landscape! It has very unusual geological features which were shaped by years of natural phenomena – volcanoes, wind, and water. There’s something like fairy chimneys here! How? Well, very long ago, volcanoes erupted and their thick ash covered the region.

Wind and water then waved their wands and hardened the ash into a fairytale landscape of pillars, cones, mushrooms, pinnacles, and yes, chimneys! Early humans then created caves, places of worship, storehouses, tunnels, and even hidden underground cities.

The Mysticals then sat in one of the caves and observed the colorful hot air balloons that humans got into to get an aerial view of the magical landscape.