“These jeans are amazing!” said Scorch as Felix entered the dorm. Seeing Scorch’s bloated jeans, Felix joked, “Scorch, did someone put a balloon in your pants? Why is it so big?”

Scorch turned and said, “It’s not a balloon, Felix! These are airbag jeans. A Swedish startup, Mo’cycle, makes these pants. It wanted to provide a solution to motorcyclists when they get caught in any terrible mishaps.”

“That’s great,” said Felix, “How does it work?”

Scorch began, “A tether (rope or chain) is attached to the motorcycle. When the motorist slips off the bike, the tether punctures the cartridge (a container that holds things) and the bags inflate, protecting the motorist from getting heavily injured.”

Felix thought momentarily and asked, “The jeans have to be strong enough to hold the airbags, right?”

“Clever thought, Felix,” praised Scorch, “You are right! The jeans are made from the world’s strongest denim (fabric made from cotton). The fabric is called Armalith, which can handle the force during impact.

The airbags protect the rider’s thighs, tailbone, body’s rear part, and avoid spinal cord injuries.”

“Brilliant! What are those airbags filled with?” inquired Felix.

Scorch answered, “The airbags are filled with CO2 (Carbon dioxide), and the CO2 cartridges can be replaced easily. No wonder they took 17 years to build this product successfully.”

“Cool. Let me try those jeans,” said Felix as Scorch tried to float with the jeans.