The Gifted Four were cooped up in Orak’s Tempus Machine, watching Planet Earth from afar. The curvature of the Earth glittered as the Sun rose from behind it.

Verum’s eyes were wide and teary. “That’s the most beautiful sunrise ever,” she said.

Scorch nodded, “I wish all humans saw this view too. It’s their beautiful planet after all!”

“They soon might!” Orak smiled and continued, “There is a Japanese aerospace startup that is hoping to make space tourism even more accessible. It is planning to launch a balloon capsule that hovers up around 22 kilometers above the Earth. Humans will be able to witness such views from such a space capsule.”

“Woah, that’s awesome. Is this the first such space mission?” Felix was curious.

“No, no. But existing space tourism ventures such as flights by Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, and SpaceX, cost millions per ticket. They also require a rocket launch and all the related approval from government space agencies.

This startup aims to give its first tickets for around $175,000. But they hope to bring that cost down in the next year,” Orak elaborated.

“I’m so glad humans will get to see such views too. When is the capsule being launched,” Scorch asked.

“They hope to launch by August this year. Humans can be so fast and efficient,” Orak appreciated. The Gifted Four enjoyed the view a little more before heading back to MysticLand.