“Mysticals, today the crystal ball has brought news from England! Do you want to hear it?” Verum said.

“Yes!” Scorch, Orak, and Felix chorused.

“Jason Arday is the youngest Black professor at Cambridge University of England. It is one of the top universities of the world. His journey to this prestigious position is even more special,” Verum commented.

“Don’t keep us waiting! Tell us about his journey!” Orak said.

“Arday couldn’t read or write until his late teens. He couldn’t speak until he was 11 years old. He has autism. It can be difficult for people with autism to talk, learn, or even make friends. Arday’s doctors thought that he would spend his adult life needing help.

But Arday had other plans. He learned how to read and write. As he studied, he wanted to learn more and more about the world. Soon, he wrote essays for universities without any help or training!”

“Woah,” Scorch was in awe.

“What did he do next?” Felix wanted to know.

“He earned many degrees and became one of the youngest professors in the UK. He will join Cambridge this month. But there are only five other Black professors in Cambridge,” Verum said.

“So now,” Verum added, “Arday is working on ways to improve things for people in his communities. He wants to inspire others like him to pursue higher studies in the same way he did!”

“Kudos to Arday!” The Mysticals cheered for the professor.