While strolling through the monuments in Delhi, Scorch said, “From all those who ruled over Delhi, was there ever a female ruler?”

“Yes, indeed. The first and perhaps the only female ruler of Delhi was Razia Sultana,” replied Verum and went on to narrate Razia’s story.

“What happened is that when her father and the ruler of the Slave Dynasty, Sultan Iltutmish, was on his deathbed, he nominated Razia as his heiress. But the nobles could not accept a female ruler, and thus made her brother the ruler.

But when he didn’t fulfill the responsibilities of a sultan, Razia addressed the kingdom and promised to strengthen the Slave Dynasty. Moved by her speech, the people brought her to the throne in 1236.”

“Wow, what a confident woman! I’m sure she must have inspired many young girls in her kingdom,” thought Orak.