“Again! Again! Let’s go to a desert again!” said Felix, remembering the fun he had in Egypt’s White Desert.

“Hmmm… let me see,” said Verum, looking into her crystal ball, “How about we see the Bahariya Oasis?”

“What’s that?” asked Scorch.

“It’s an oasis. An oasis is an area in a desert that has a supply of fresh water and where plants can grow. Bahariya is in the middle of a desert, covered by date palm trees and countless natural springs,” explained Orak and went on. “There are amazing ruins here like the skilfully painted Ptolemaic tombs, old churches, and the Temple of Alexander the Great. Recently, they discovered golden mummies there which now rest in the Bawiti Museum, in Egypt. And while we are here, we mustn’t miss visiting ancient Egyptian and Grace-Roman sites, such as the Tomb of Banentiu.”

The Mysticals had a blast and decided to visit Egypt again soon!