In search of a unique landscape, Verum looked into her crystal ball and found the Bemaraha National Park in Madagascar. Orak then quickly opened a portal and took the three to the massive park.

As soon as they reached, Scorch shrieked, “What on Earth are those gray spikey things?”

Verum replied, “Those are the limestone Tsingy shards! Millions of years ago, this area was buried deep beneath the ocean. Shells and corals were piled up and joined to each other to form a big 200-m-thick plate.

After the water slowly receded, the limestone which was left in the open air began forming canyons. Then raindrops got to work and eroded the surface. That’s how the Tsingy shards were formed!”

“And what about the animals here?” asked Felix.

“Well, there are about 400 mammals, birds, amphibians, and reptiles here and at least 900 native plants of Madagascar!” said Orak.

The four enjoyed the abundant greenery and unique landscape of the park.