Verum’s voice filled the dorm room, “It is unbelievable that Catalonia is facing its worst drought.” Scorch, Orak, and Felix were confused. She was not in the room, yet they could hear her.

They followed her voice and found her inside the crystal ball on her study table. “Oh, dear MysticLord! What are you doing there? Can you hear us?” said a frightened Felix.

“You all found me! I am at the Sau reservoir in the Catalonia region of Barcelona, in Spain,” Verum replied.

“The Sau reservoir is in the interiors of Barcelona and is an important source of water for the city. But why are you there,” Orak added.

“Correct, Orak. This part of Catalonia has not had rain in the last two-and-a-half years. Last month, the Sau reservoir’s water level dropped to 8%. To tell you how serious the situation is, can you see this church structure?” Verum pointed to her left. 

The other three nodded.

“This 11th Century church of Sant Romà de Sau, used to be submerged, but due to the low water level, it is now visible almost entirely,” said Verum.

“How did this situation occur there,” asked Scorch.

“The locals and experts say is due to climate change and the rise in heat as Earth has become hotter in last few years. This problem is not just in Catalonia, it is in the entire country. ”

“How are humans going to solve this,” asked Felix.

“The Catalan regional government has put limits on using water and we hope it rains well,” replied Verum.

“I hope the situation gets better in Spain. But how did you go in there?” Orak was curious.

“Magic!” Verum replied.

“Oh, yes! Why do I keep forgetting nowadays that we are the powerful, magical Mysticals!” quipped Orak.