Orak rushed in with his new gadget: a projector. “There he is, with another gadget. I told you he went to the MysticTech Store,” Verum nudged Scorch.

“I should have known better. Has he called us here to show some serious sciency stuff today,” Scorch wondered. Felix and Verum giggled.

“Can you believe that college students are all set to launch the first privately-made lunar rover? A rover is a device designed to move across the solid surfaces on a planet or other celestial bodies and explore interesting things about them,” Orak shared.

“That’s good news. When is the launch?” said Felix.

“It will be launched on 4 May. The rover is called Iris and it is the first smallest and lightest rover to be ever deployed. Moreover, only United States, Japan, and Russia have put rovers on the Moon, so these college kids are the first civilians to achieve this feat,” Orak answered.

“Which college are these brilliant students from,” asked a super impressed Scorch.

“Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, the United States. Hundreds of students have worked hard over many years to be able to make this dream come true,” Orak smiled as he set up the projector.

“Fascinating! I can’t wait to see this rover,” Scorch jumped.

“Look who’s happy I got a projector now,” Orak smiled. The Gifted Four saw the fascinating rover soon after and spent the rest of the day in awe of the young human students.